The Smartest Complete CMMS for the Life of Your Facility

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Often one of the biggest hindrances to successful facility management is the heavy burden of critical information either in paper form, or in the knowledge of a singular Facility Manager. All too often, we hear horror stories of Facility Managers not taking a vacation for 30 years because they are the only ones who know their facility’s ins and outs.

In order to secure critical facility information, and lessen the burden of successful operations falling on an individual, our system implementation, training, support, and consultation services are designed to meet our Zero Failure Implementation Standards. We work closely with our client partners to ensure successful implementation, adoption, and use of our comprehensive services so there is no digression or abandonment of the system.

With business constantly evolving and bottom line operational success relying more heavily on the successful adoption of new technology and practices, FacilityONE offers the comprehensive solution of an intuitive and dynamic all-in-one IWMS, FIMS, CMMS, EAM, and CAFM system with unparalleled client support and training.


Preventive Maintenance

With FacilityONE’s Consolidation Services, our Facility Information Technology (FIT) Team will manage the acquisition, consolidation, and system content implementation so our complete Facility Information Solution (FIS) is fully loaded and ready to use on day one.

If facility asset lists, riser diagrams, panel schedules, and PM calendar have already been put together internally, Our FIT Team will integrate all existing facility information into our system so it can be put to work for you; consolidated, remotely and digitally secure, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Documentation is the key to successful FacilityONE FIS software implementation. Our thought is that facility personnel already have jobs, and adding on another responsibility that is outside of their daily routine is a recipe for failure. Therefore, FacilityONE offers a full turnkey approach to implementing its suite of software solutions. Then, internal staff can focus on their jobs with the added benefit of a great new tool that is fully loaded and ready for use on the first day.

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Project Planning & Assessment Services

Prior to system implementation, a dedicated Project Manager will provide a detailed document outlining the project scope and plan. From there, we collect facility information and implement the customized plan for our client partners to be able to best utilize the FacilityONE Facility Information Solution. If assets lists, riser diagrams, panel schedules, and PM calendar already exist, we assist in the input of asset condition assessments to enhance informed decisioning so clients can see at a glance where dollars need to be allocated to critical assets. FacilityONE provides all the services and tools needed to take control of facility management, smoothing out the surprises and making way for stable operations.

If asset assessments are needed, FacilityONE can help there too. As a separate engagement we will conduct asset assessments and make sure they are in the system for use in planning and budgeting. Assessments are then easily accessible and updateable.

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