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Our Comprehensive Reporting System Provides Access to All Work Order Management Information: image description

The bottom line is that a well-oiled machine functions better and costs less. The integration of the FacilityONE Work Order Management System and SMARTPRINT® Technology allows our clients to make faster and more accurate diagnoses of facility issues, increasing the efficacy of facility assets and efficiency of internal or contracted staff.

With a planned maintenance approach through our easy to use system, FacilityONE clients enjoy more streamlined operations, increased optimization of maintenance resources, fewer unexpected asset breakdowns, and a reduction of overtime.


The FacilityONE Work Order Management System is a powerful tool to schedule, analyze, and report on preventive and corrective maintenance tasks across your entire facility network – regardless of the number or location of facilities. Our web-based system allows access from any Internet-connected PC, giving leadership easy access to facility information to manage employees, work orders, and equipment assets from anywhere in the world. When combined with the SMARTPRINT Technology, a facility’s equipment and maintenance information in our Work Order System is graphically displayed and easily accessed like no other CMMS Provider. FacilityONE puts you in control of your systems and assets. Never before has the support, maintenance, and management of your facility been easier to see and coordinate from anywhere by anyone who has access to the system.
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Key Work Order Management System Benefits:

  • Integration with the SMARTPRINT technology for easy identification of the equipment asset’s physical location and system chain.
  • Easy access to uploaded photographs of work performed for documentation
  • Photograph identification of the technician or service person that is scheduled to perform the work provided by the work order requester, aiding in security
  • Simple, Easy-to-Use forms and reports:
    • Equipment Specific Work Order History
    • Monthly Critical Equipment History
    • Time spent on Work Orders
    • Number of Work Orders performed by type (preventive/corrective) and time spent
    • And Many More…
  • Work Order status updates are automatically pushed to help optimize maintenance resources for streamlined and efficient Work Order Management
  • Better preventive maintenance leads to increased uptime of equipment
  • Stores historical work order data for best practices development
  • Accessibility through Internet connected PC
  • Pushes notifications of work order assignment and status changes
  • Tracks Time
  • Produces Time and hourly charge Reports to aid Billing Departments in charging for labor time
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When your facility’s maintenance is scheduled and tracked by the FacilityONE Work Order Management System, your operation can see a dramatic reduction in unexpected equipment failure. That translates into more effective day-to-day operation, increasing uptime, improving customer service and satisfaction, and reducing costs.


FacilityONE’s Work Order Management System provides streamlined, efficient, and accountable work order processing that ensures your facility’s maintenance operations stay on time and within their operating budget. Our Work Order Management System provides an invaluable, intuitive, and easy-to-use web-based Corrective Maintenance Asset Manager that allows you to:
  • Create work orders quickly and easily.
  • Automatically prioritize by user designated and assigned asset class (criticality)
  • Efficiently manage maintenance workflows
  • Track Safety and Risk Issues
  • Browse and search work orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Create bulk work orders that can document time spent on additional work outside of a specific work order service call.
  • Easily comment and communicate with employees and maintenance staff on each work order.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by keeping them informed of their work order request status.
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With the FacilityONE Work Order Management System, you will be able to:
  • Coordinate management, technicians, staff, and vendors to finish maintenance tasks without unnecessary complications.
  • Automate email and other communications to remind relevant staff of deadlines and ensure quality control of maintenance processes.
  • Track and create reports on critical data. Give your staff the power to generate service requests, reducing the steps necessary to alert maintenance of broken devices.
  • Properly maintain staffing levels through better scheduling, tracking, and time management.
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