Know Your Facility Like Never Before

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No other CAFM system, either remotely or locally stored, carries with it the strength and connectivity of the FacilityONE SMARTPRINT interactive blueprint-interface. Never again will maintenance staff, facility managers, or emergency personnel be without access to critical information about every physical asset, zone, and system in their facility.

The FacilityONE SMARTPRINT interface allows you to annotate and display floor plans, capture critical and historical information of system assets, and even see the connectivity of individual system assets.

With the SMARTRINT integration of our Asset Manager and Work Order features of the FacilityONE CAFM Suite, we not only make day-to-day facility management easier, more cost effective, and more efficient, but the FacilityONE Enterprise Asset Management Solution can literally save millions of dollars in emergency management and disaster recovery.


Our SMARTPRINT interactive floor plans are customized to each client’s facility and can be as detailed or as simple as your needs require. Systems asset information documentation can include:

    • Electrical
    • Mechanical/HVAC Systems
    • Plumbing
    • Medical Gas
    • Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems
    • Life Safety and Compliance
    • Easy to view device chains between assets and systems
    • Specific asset information in the Device Notebook digital filing cabinet
    • Zone Designations for Hazardous Materials Storage
    • Emergency Egress Routing
    • Work Departments
    • Room/Office Numbers and Names
    • Square Footage and Area Annotation

…or anything else that you would like to identify on your SMARTPRINT.

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The SMARTPRINT system is fast, supports multiple users, and can link to devices such as web-enabled security cameras, FTP sites, and other systems information easily accessed from the SMARTPRINT interactive blueprint.

The Benefits of the FacilityONE SMARTPRINT interface Include:

  • Direct Integration with FacilityONE Work Order Management System, and EAM Software
  • Asset and Systems Connectivity Documentation:
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Security
    • Fire Alarm and Suppression
    • Audio/Visual
    • Medical Gas
  • The Device Notebook as a Digital Filing Cabinet –
    • Securely Stored Operations Documentation
    • Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    • MSDS sheets for on-site Hazardous Materials
    • Photographs of Spaces and Equipment
    • View all work orders for the specific device
    • Enables capture of historical information through “notes” section
    • Other Critical Information Documentation
  • Annotation Layers To Store Facility Information:
    • Emergency routes and storm shelter area designations
    • HVAC Zones
    • Hazardous material storage areas
    • Fire and smoke barriers
    • Personal Protective Equipment usage areas
    • Handicap access
    • Life safety inspection zones with dates of last inspection performed
    • Square footage measurements
    • Fire Alarm and Suppression
    • Audio/Visual
    • Medical Gas
  • Device Chains can be used in simple maintenance diagnosis, but also in emergency or security response situations.
  • Quick identification of device locations from the Work Order Management System through the SMARTPRINT interface for faster diagnosis of system problems.
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