Know Your Facility Like Never Before

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No other CAFM system, either remotely or locally stored, carries with it the strength and connectivity of the FacilityONE® SMARTPRINT® interactive blueprint-technology. Never again will maintenance staff, facility managers, or emergency personnel be without access to critical information about every physical asset, zone, and system in their facility.

The FacilityONE® SMARTPRINT® technology allows you to annotate and display floor plans, capture critical and historical information of system assets, and even see the connectivity of individual system assets.

With the SMARTRINT® integration of our Asset Manager and Work Order features of the FacilityONE® CAFM Suite, we not only make day-to-day facility management easier, more cost effective, and more efficient, but the FacilityONE® Enterprise Asset Management Solution can literally save millions of dollars in emergency management and disaster recovery.


Our SMARTPRINT® interactive floor plans are customized to each client’s facility and can be as detailed or as simple as your needs require. Systems asset information documentation can include:

    • Electrical
    • Mechanical/HVAC Systems
    • Plumbing
    • Medical Gas
    • Fire Alarms and Suppression Systems
    • Life Safety and Compliance
    • Easy to view device chains between assets and systems
    • Specific asset information in the Device Notebook digital filing cabinet
    • Zone Designations for Hazardous Materials Storage
    • Emergency Egress Routing
    • Work Departments
    • Room/Office Numbers and Names
    • Square Footage and Area Annotation

…or anything else that you would like to identify on your SMARTPRINT®.

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The SMARTPRINT® system is fast, supports multiple users, and can link to devices such as web-enabled security cameras, FTP sites, and other systems information easily accessed from the SMARTPRINT® interactive blueprint.

The Benefits of the FacilityONE® SMARTPRINT® technology Include:

  • Direct Integration with FacilityONE® Work Order Management System, and EAM Software
  • Asset and Systems Connectivity Documentation:
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Security
    • Fire Alarm and Suppression
    • Audio/Visual
    • Medical Gas
  • The Device Notebook as a Digital Filing Cabinet –
    • Securely Stored Operations Documentation
    • Operating and Maintenance Manuals
    • MSDS sheets for on-site Hazardous Materials
    • Photographs of Spaces and Equipment
    • View all work orders for the specific device
    • Enables capture of historical information through “notes” section
    • Other Critical Information Documentation
  • Annotation Layers To Store Facility Information:
    • Emergency routes and storm shelter area designations
    • HVAC Zones
    • Hazardous material storage areas
    • Fire and smoke barriers
    • Personal Protective Equipment usage areas
    • Handicap access
    • Life safety inspection zones with dates of last inspection performed
    • Square footage measurements
    • Fire Alarm and Suppression
    • Audio/Visual
    • Medical Gas
  • Device Chains can be used in simple maintenance diagnosis, but also in emergency or security response situations.
  • Quick identification of device locations from the Work Order Management System through the SMARTPRINT® technology for faster diagnosis of system problems.
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