Corrective Maintenance

Streamlined Corrective Maintenance (CM) Solutions

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The success of any system depends on all of its parts working together efficiently and effectively. When diagnosing any CM issue, our SMARTPRINTĀ® Technology lets you see any connected system, upstream or downstream, that could be impacted by an asset failure. Our SMARTPRINT Technology helps to easily and efficiently locate and identify the asset that requires maintenance.

Asset Vital and Integrated Work Orders

The Benefits of an Integrated Corrective Maintenance System Include:

  • Improved Reactive Response Time
  • Improve asset uptime
  • Increased Communication
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Savings through Optimization of Maintenance resources

The Features of our Corrective System Include:

  • Time recording (manual or time clock)
  • Cost center
  • Assignment to technician
  • Categories
  • Completion notes
  • Attachments (photos, receipts, directions, etc)

“We have been using FacilityONE for years as a method of capturing our data for easy retrieval.”

Thomas Kruer – Regional Director Engineering

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