Imagine efficiently interacting with your facilities floorplan and physical assets, seamlessly.

Why did you choose FacilityONE®? “It started out the capacity to hold intel, then the intelligence to my staff was mobile, efficiency, you were everything we were looking for but SMARTPRINT® technology was the icing on the cake.”

“No more running around looking for prints. My techs liked the system so much that they were looking at it at home! LOL!”

"Navigating the intuitive Unity™ platform is part of why I really enjoy using FacilityONE's CMMS."

Are you prepared for the unexpected? At FacilityONE, we have been saving our clients millions every year. What is your system saving you?

Interconnected & Mobile Blueprint Technology!

Interconnected blueprint-technology gives you immediate emergency information to execute a plan of action as well as mobile access to critical information about every physical asset, zone and mechanical & fire system in your facility. FacilityONE SMARTPRINT technology allows you to:

  • Locate critical information for emergency response in seconds & remotely.
  • Locate shut-offs, electrical connectivity & safety systems in seconds & remotely.
  • Annotate and display floor plans.
  • Map the exact location of every asset.
  • Interact simultaneously with preventative & corrective WOM system.
  • Capture critical and historical information of system assets.
  • Attach warranties, photos, instructions to every mapped asset.

…or anything else that you would like to identify on your SMARTPRINT drawings.


With FacilityONE’s web-based & online system, your team now has the ability to set up a database of facilities, users, and assets as well as all vital associated asset information– accessible through our robust SMARTPRINT technology:

  • Map all critical and safety devices & systems.
  • Display Device system connectivity—upstream & downstream Manage Equipment Locations.
  • Electrical Connectivity.
  • Track Warranties.
  • Prioritize repairs by equipment category.
  • Manage vendor information & service contracts.
  • Store equipment ID numbers.
  • Attach pictures and maintenance documents.
  • Attach user-created notes.
  • Attach work orders to specific assets.

See inside your facility like never before with SMARTPRINT Technology.

CASE STUDY: St. Mary’s Flood

Within 3 hours 6 inches of rain fell, resulting in a 100-year flood…saved millions in potential lost revenue. Click here to read more (PDF).

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