HAWK Initiative

IMAGINE… Helping facilities access critical data is part of our every day. Helping navigate emergencies and disasters is what we do best…

Safety…Are Your Employees, Customers, Partners Protected? How can you identify risks at your facility?

FacilityOne® gives you mobile access to critical data & blueprints in seconds…Get first responders the critical information they need now!

The ONE system your facility can’t afford to live without. Over $100 million saved in emergency response.

At FacilityONE® our technology empowers schools and workplaces to integrate critical systems and software into a time-saving, money-saving, and life-saving facility management solution. We are a facility’s ONE source to combine SMARTPRINT® Technology with interactive blueprint drawings, facility systems, and assets, giving first responders critical information in seconds. Outdated blueprints, renovations, and new construction or building and security systems that are poorly documented often leave First Responders and maintenance personnel second-guessing their actions when a crisis occurs. A lack of information in any of these circumstances can leave your students or employees vulnerable to both environmental hazards and physical threats when immediate and decisive action is required.

Are you willing to take that risk? Safety is your priority and we can help you achieve it. Every FacilityONE client has a unique success story to tell.

Tightened budgets require the best use of funds for keeping the physical plant serving workers and students alike. Keeping preventive maintenance up to date and documented through our building maintenance software is key to justifying the needs of the operations. Quick diagnosis of issues and immediate access to asset and system information makes repairs efficient and accurate.

FacilityONE can help transform your school, office building, retail and manufacturing facility’s fragmented information into one organized, easily accessible solution for intelligent management.

Learn how FacilityONE’s HAWK Program can provide strong & powerful protection inside your facility.

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