Memorial Day is a Reflection on Family

Rather than take the easy road and capitalize on Memorial Day as a topic for Facilities Management and the FacilityONE product, we wanted to highlight what Memorial Day means in a non-commercialized perspective.

While everyone is certainly appreciative of the time with family, the extra day off of work, the big sales, and the endless BBQ, sometimes it is easy to get lost in the celebration and miss the reflection.

And Memorial Day is just that. A day of reflection. Reflection of sacrifice. Reflection of courage. Reflection of the appreciation for every single aspect of our freedoms that we all may take for granted in our daily lives. And a reflection on family.

We asked our own Project Manager, Robert Hamilton, a retired US Army commander, what Memorial Day means to him. Robert had this to say:

“I spend my Memorial Day remembering my fallen buddies and their lives. And it brings tears to my eyes. Memorial Day is a hard day for us who served. But, I also spend a considerable amount of my day reflecting on all of the positive things in my life and in American life in general so that I can bring some balance. For instance, I think about how my experience at FacilityONE has been so warm and welcoming, to the point that it feels like family. And that is how it is in [the military]. You bond together through shared suffering and you become family. While I don’t feel suffering at FacilityONE, I definitely feel the sense of family. And it has been one of the most positive things to happen in my life. So, this Memorial Day, when I am reflecting on the positive things in life, my work family will be steady in mind.”

We echo Robert’s sentiments. Family is the driving philosophy at FacilityONE: it is what we are and what we believe in.. We are so grateful for our family at FacilityONE and the addition of Robert, to boot! We are so grateful for our family of clients at FacilityONE. But most importantly today, we are grateful for the courage and strength given by the men and women in the United States Armed Forces who have sacrificed their lives in honor of our civilian benefits of freedom.

Have a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day!