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“Joint Commission Preparedness- no more working aimlessly – now we take pictures & add notes
– everybody’s life is easier!”

With over 300 healthcare facilities, we are experts in creating efficient operations, saving money and mitigating risk with compliance support. Many healthcare facilities are hemorrhaging money because of unanticipated repair costs or failing machinery. Our hospital & healthcare facility maintenance software can suture that wound.

Technology you can’t afford to live without. Can your systems predict risk, manage cost, and track performance?… FacilityONE® can!

Our power lies in 3 interconnected technologies… SMARTPRINT®, UNITY™, Alpha.

Navigate emergencies like a pro! $100 million & counting in added savings from unexpected emergencies. SMARTPRINT technology gives you immediate access to critical information about every physical asset and mechanical & fire system in your facility. When seconds count we deliver.

500,000+ hours saved using our “On the Fly” work order capabilities

SMARTPRINT® interactive blueprints + UNITY®, the only consolidated & interconnected, mobile Preventative & Corrective facility management solution. Period. Corrective issues can be created, assigned, edited and mapped while “on the go.” Customized PM schedules maximize the Life Expectancy of Your Assets and protect the integrity of the facility.

FacilityONE is for healthcare that understands the challenge and associated risks of inconsistency and downtime at each location in the network. FacilityONE transforms any facility’s fragmented information into one organized, easily accessible solution for intelligent management.

FacilityONE transforms fragmented information into ONE organized, easily accessible solution for intelligent management.

  • Simply Stated – Be Prepared. Expecting the Unexpected & Emergency Preparedness is our Specialty.
  • Do you know your risks? Lost revenue, liability & optimization of resources.
  • Do you know your KPI’s? Asset life expectancy, labor costs, labor efficiencies, energy management.
  • Do you know the cost to run your facilities? Are you able to drill into locations and identify an at-risk area?

The FacilityONE Facility Information Solution (FIS) operates as a single point of access for directors, maintenance crew, engineers, technicians, and even floor nurses, allowing them to:

  • Be prepared for Joint Commission Compliance Inspections.  View Compliance Document
  • Keep all of your facilities floor plans in one place, accessible from anywhere.
  • Store records regarding the assets of the building in our online filing cabinet called a Device Card.
  • Create, Organize, and Track Daily Task lists.
  • Generate Service Requests from any PC.
  • Quickly Find Relevant Information about Any Asset.
  • Speed up Diagnosis of System Issues through a Device Chain.
  • Optimize Use of Equipment and Personnel.
  • Set Up Automatic Notifications of Regularly Recurring Tasks.
  • Manage Workflow from Start to Finish.
  • Respond to Service Requests in Real Time from Any Internet Connected PC.
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction by Keeping Service Requesters informed of the Status of their request.

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