Give Your Team A Gratitude Adjustment!

Keeping Your Facilities F1T is Key, But Your Most Important Asset Is Your Team.

At FacilityONE, we are all about growing and maintaining relationships. And just like any facility performs best with a mix of preventative and corrective maintenance, so do we believe that any long lasting professional relationship requires the same.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are 5 ways to give thanks to your Maintenance Team!

  • A little thanks goes a long way! Sometimes, just the few minutes it takes to congratulate your team, or a particular employee, on a job well done is enough to keep spirits high. Notes of encouragement or an “atta boy” keep morale high and emotionally incentivize your staff to keep up the good work. Sharing positive feedback from customers is great, too
  • All that work deserves a little play! Just a simple break from the usual grind to loosen up with the team over a nice lunch, or even coffee and donuts, keeps things interesting and allows your team to bond with each other and form better relationships.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little competition! Setting goals is natural, but engaging in competition to reach those goals propels team momentum and makes it fun in the meantime. Consider a contest to reach a goal where the winner(s) can take a long lunch or work a half day. Or perhaps a gift card to a nice local attraction will drive results.
  • Sharing is caring! Doing something important? Consider bringing some of your staff with you. Creating a sense of involvement is a great tool to make you team feel empowered. Turning a wrench is not all that makes a maintenance team flourish. Understanding the operational side of things is extraordinarily valuable to your team! Completing a task is easy. Knowing why you are completing a task is a priceless tool of its own.
  • Tell The Truth! Honesty is a key part of team building. Sometimes managing a facility also means managing expectations. If you don’t have raises in the budget—be honest and say so. It’s best not to lead your team down a path of deceit, as they will be likely to stray when they inevitably learn that all their hard work led to one big disappointment. No business is immune to lean times, but making your team feel empowered and appreciated will help them feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. Let your team know that you are going to bat for them and be understanding of their concerns.

There are countless ways to unite your team and build gratitude all year long. Just remember, its not always things that show thanks—but actions.