Your Facility + Our SMARTPRINT® Technology = Operational Fitness

Simply put, FacilityONE® is an innovative CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that enhances Operational Fitness. But what is Operational Fitness?

Consider your long-term operational goals. What do they look like? Most would answer that they ideally look lean, strong and efficient:  your operations should survive all obstacles and you have learned where to trim the budget fat, where to muscle up in capital, how to strengthen assets and how to work smarter instead of harder. It’s all a piece of cake, right?

Now consider your facilities’ health like that of human health—fitness is the desired destination. But what does it take to get there—and more importantly—how do you maintain fitness once you’ve achieved it? You don’t want it to get out of shape or for the expense budget to get too fat!

Now consider, if you will, the ingredients for fitness: the people, the gym, a healthy lifestyle, and a personal trainer. Arguably, this is the perfect combination to reach optimal fitness.

To explain how this ties into facilities management and operations…

Let’s connect some dots:

  • The people: The facilities you manage and the operations that make business sustainable.
  • The gym:  The CMMS tool you utilize to build maintenance muscle and trim operational fat.
  • A Healthy Life : The adaptation of preventative maintenance processes and procedures that work in tandem with a CMMS to drive results.
  • A Personal Trainer: The one who guides your use of the tools and the processes in your journey to operational fitness.

In short:

People = Facilities

Gym= CMMS including WOMS & SMARTPRINT technology

Lifestyle = Preventative Maintenance

Personal Trainer = FacilityONE

FacilityONE® partners with its customers in a support-rich environment to combine work order management, interactive asset mapping, data visualizations and robust reporting into one place. Through this partnership, we empower your organization to achieve what we call Operational Fitness.