5 Maintenance Must-Haves For The Holiday Shopping Season

As many of us wander down the corridors of malls and shops, our children hyperactive over the holiday anticipation, our brains dazzled and frazzled from all the commotion, it is easy to overlook the entire world of maintenance effort that goes into orchestrating such a perfect ballet– the holiday shopping wonderland. Here are some maintenance must haves for the Holiday Dash.

  • Increased customer traffic means increased need to keep things clean. Everything from floors to windows to bathrooms to store displays, your maintenance workloads will likely double. Keeping preventative maintenance measure in place year round will help reduce reactive maintenance needs when busy season comes around.
  • Extra Holiday hours equate to increased energy needs—from heating to lighting to ice machines in the food court, everything will be working overtime. Keeping track of where your energy—literally and figuratively—is spent this holiday season will help you better prepare and plan for the next holiday season.
  • More staff in the stores and corridors means more eyes to notice if something isn’t right. It is always wise to prepare for the possibility of added volume of maintenance service calls during busy periods and having your work order system well organized and documented will better ensure a smooth process when handling the influx of service calls.
  • With all of the boxes and bags for retail displays and the lines of hungry customers at the food court, there is an inevitable increase in waste volume during the Holiday Dash. Make sure you are efficiently scheduling waste pickups, beefing up trash monitoring, and employing best practices for diverting your waste stream to keep costs down.
  • Increased security monitoring is always an essential part of the retail environment during the holidays. And that doesn’t just mean mall security guards. Keeping up with proper maintenance for your A/V equipment, fire exit plans, and electronic alarm systems is crucial. As well, everyday procedures like assessing slip and fall risks or maintain a well lit parking lot become even more essential areas for attention during the holiday rush.

The end of the year is a time often filled with warmth, joy, and celebration. Implementing good maintenance practices will offer you more time to enjoy the celebrations and less time fretting over the inevitable surprises that come with large crowds.